why we do what we do

You have to understand that at editspot, we truly believe we are changing the world. We truly believe that we are making the web accessible to everyone. We truly believe that everyone has something to express via the internet. Something valid to say. A voice to be heard. A world to share. A dream to believe in. We truly believe that what you will be seeing and using in spotlets is the poetry that can be the union of art and technology. Our vision involves a belief in the character and integrity of great products made for good people. Not perfect, but aware of the user's wants and needs just the same.

So January 24th of 2009 is an important date in our history. An important date in the history of computing to be certain. Considering that the Macintosh was introduced on January 24th of 1984 as a revolution to the desktop computer and just look at how much it has changed all of our lives. The Mac has a soul. The Apple symbol might as well be a heart. The Mac users truly love this brand and editspot strives for no more than that. So all that being said, be prepared to love and nurture what we have worked so hard for. editspot is made up of great products, a solid vision and good people.

The editspot team believes it’s time to “put your geek back in the closet.” We create tons of technology so that you don’t have to. It’s important to editspot that users of spotlets and webspot have the freedom to do what they want with their content. We believe in technology that provides positive support instead of negative limitations. We are creators of content and we believe everyone should have their own voice on the Internet.

We’re excited to assist in the evolution of the web as a global community forum where users decide what content is important to their lives. The key to our vision is providing a centralized dashboard to an individual’s web publishing experience. This includes one place to store and display content, one location to access their communities and for their friends and others to keep up with them.