why we created the editspot cms platform
why we created the editspot cms platform


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Welcome to editspot, a simple and powerful web-based self-publishing service that puts web content back in the hands of people.  Sort and edit text like you do on a word processor. Drag and drop content from other web sites. Check spelling, add images, create hyperlinks and downloadable files at any location, anytime. All you need is an Internet connection–no extra software is needed. Tasks once reserved for webmasters, document layout specialists, programmers and graphic designers can now be implemented by you. The major challenge of a web site is keeping the content fresh, but now you have the keys to your site and can update your site on a whim anytime and anywhere. 

Creating, designing and editing a web site used to require a specialized skill set just to add/change/delete content. editspot eliminates that requirement and makes the changes as easy and quick to roll-out as drafting an email. A managed service, editspot shifts control of your web site message from the IT department to your sales and marketing people. This move frees your site to fulfill its potential as a robust and low cost communication tool. We call this shift “people-driven content.”

A web site that finally does what you tell it to do

editspot allows companies and organizations to breathe new life into outdated web sites. Promote a new product or service on your home page. Make a business or company-related announcement. Offer a downloadable coupon to help generate sales . . . the possibilities are endless. By adopting the editspot web content management system, you can increase sales, create brand awareness and distinguish your corporate identity. We are confident editspot will work for you.